Monday, January 12, 2015

Driving a Stick

At my job, I drive cars.   All kinds of cars.   Not everyone can drive a stick shift.   Not only can I drive a stick shift, my Daddy taught me to drive a stick on a 1980 GMC Sierra truck.   No power brakes.   No power steering.   No a/c.   3 on a tree. 

At 15 with a new drivers permit, my Daddy made me learn how to drive in that tank of a truck.   I'd cry and cry about how impossible it was to drive that thing.   You'd have to start breaking or turning miles before you needed to stop or turn.  Not to mention no a/c in Texas heat.   It was complete torture.   But my Daddy told me, "if you don't learn how to drive this truck, I won't let you drive anything else.   But when you do learn how to drive it, you'll be able to drive anything."

Obviously, I managed to learn how to drive that beast of a truck, and drive it well.

At work, I pulled up a customer's car, that happened to be a stick shift BMW.  I can tell when a man has something more behind his eyes when he looks at me.  I try to not make too  much eye contact with men for this very reason.  But this man, comes within my personal space, and has a demanding way about him.  You can't help but look him in the eyes.  And I already know, he's going to say something inappropriate. 
He says, "You drive a stick, huh?  Impressive.  I bet you're really good at it.  You should drive my stick for me sometime."

My response, "Yes, I'm very good at driving a stick.  So good, that the sticks I've driven are the kind most women could never handle.  Just ask my husband all about that." *I am looking at him hard and mean in his eyes with an evil smirk on my lips.

Mr. BMW laughs, and says, "He's one lucky man.  Where can I find your clone?"

I say, "You can't.  Sorry, but my model was discontinued back in 1970.  Too many glitches and all.  Enjoy your weekend, sir."  *as I walk away, leaving him laughing.

Moral of the story....women should all know how to drive a stick.  Single women especially.  For whatever reason, men find that sexy. 


  1. I taught my daughter the same thing. Made her stop and start my tricky little four-speed SUV on a bad ass hill in central Wyoming. She was frustrated, upset. But that girl can drive anything now! Go, girls! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have had a couple stick shift vehicles.