Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Jack and Jill Series by Jewel E. Ann


End of Day (Book 1)
Middle of Knight (Book 2)
Dawn of Forever (Book 3, coming in February 2016)

One of my followers and Biff’s (Blue’s Imaginary Facebook Friends) got my attention towards these books.  I’ve never read anything by Jewel E. Ann before this, and this Biff was so passionate about this series, that I downloaded the samples, befriended the author and she graciously sent me a copy of Book 1, End of Day.

Page one, HOOKED ME.

These books had it all.  The angst.  The heartbreak.  The suspense.  The hilarious banter.  The steamy sex.  The bad ass brother/sister twins with muscles and skills to kill anyone with just their thumbs if need be.  Secrets.   Love.  Murder. 

Jack and Jill Knight, aka Jackson and Jillian, were born at the ripe old ages of 29.  Their lives as Jude and Jessica Day died, along with their parents.  Now having to start their lives over, trying to remember that who they used to be is buried with their parents 6ft underground.
I loved these characters so much along with the twists and turns.  I never knew what to expect with each chapter!! 

Here are some quotes that I’ve saved;
“How could the person she mourned the most be the only one still living?”
“I know what it feels like to want to give up.  I know what it feels like to not feel in control of your body.  Living is so much harder than dying.”
“There’s no acceptance in watching someone die.  There’s only a lifetime of regret from knowing you couldn’t stop it from happening.”
“There are just some things in life that can only be erased by death.  I don’t want her to die, so I’ve accepted the crazy.”

End of Day was a bit slower paced, so I’m giving it FOUR BLUE STARS!
Middle of Knight was perfection and it gets FIVE BLAZING BLUE STARS!!!!
I can’t wait for BOOK 3 in February!!! 
Definitely add this series to you list of must reads!!!! 

Get your copies here; 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blue's Book Reviews PRIEST by Sierra Simone

Blue’s Book Reviews
PRIEST by Sierra Simone
I have to be completely honest here, I was terrified to read this book.  I mean, I’m a Born Again Christian that cusses a little and reads smutty romance books.  So there are some boundaries that I do have and any Christian should have some set boundaries that they will not cross.  But after seeing post after post after post about Priest, my curiosity got the best of me.  If things got really weird, I’d just stop reading it and move on to my next book.
But ohhhhhh boy.  Things definitely got something, but “weird” wasn’t ever the word that came to mind!!! 
Sierra Simone did a phenomenal job with this book and when I tell you that you better invest in some SHAMWOW PANTIES, THEN GET YOUR BUTT ON EBAY AND BUY SOME SHAMWOW PANTIES, or just wear an overnight pad while reading Priest because DAAAAYYYYUUUUMMMM. 
You know, even the best God loving couples should have a great and freaky sex life, and I felt that this book really had a great balance of hot sex, the internal struggle within a Christian to do the right things, love God and to know just how far to let our urges take us. 
“Both of us just stared down at it, this impossible sight:  me inside of her, a priest tasting the forbidden fruit and barely able to keep himself from eating it all.”
Priest is brilliantly written and as afraid as I was to read it, I’m now afraid for all of you who won’t read it for the same reasons I almost didn’t.  If you are on the fence with this one, then it’s not for me to tell you where to push your spiritual boundaries to.  But if you already read these types of books, then you will not be disappointed with Priest!!!
Here are my suggestions if you do decide to take the leap as I did;
#1.  Be wearing Sham-wow panties or overnight super heavy flow pads while reading.
#2.  Have your husband, boyfriend or BOB very handy while reading.
#3.  Confess that you read Priest by Sierra Simone to all your back door reading friends because if you’re like me, you keep your reading life hidden from your real life so that none of your church family shows up at your house crying and praying for your soul.  But seriously, you’ll want to tell your secret reading friends about this book, and you’ll want to do it often!!!
Blues Book Reviews gives PRIEST by Sierra Simone 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blue's Book Reviews BREAKING HIM by R.k Lilley

Blue’s Book Reviews
Just a taste of some of my favorite highlights;
“He was mine before you ever had him, and even when you did, know this, a part of him as still mine. You never got what I had. You had what was left when I was done with him.”
“What we had was always a lie. I know because if it was real it wouldn’t have ended. It felt like forever, and forever was a lie.”
“Love doesn’t save our souls. It kills them.”
“I hate his lying, conniving guts, but sex with him can be a religious experience. He remembers things about my body that even I forgot…..Ah….Oh…I see….That they seemed to get. The universal understanding of phenomenal sex. Go figure.”
“Don’t talk. Your voice ruins it for me…..Shhh. I’m trying to pretend you’re someone else. Every time you speak it ruins it for me.”
At 3% into Breaking Him, I had already highlighted 18 passages. I can’t even count the number I have highlighted since finishing this book. Breaking Him to me, is possibly RK Lilley’s best book to date. And that is not an easy thing for me to say because her Tristan and Danika series, Bad Things, Rock Bottom and Lovely Trigger are high at the top of my most favorite series ever in the history of ever.
So for me to be able to say that she has possibly outdone herself, makes me almost sad and thrilled at the same time!
Scarlett and Dante. Dante and Scarlett. They have been in a bloody war with each other for years. Their hearts belonging to only each other, but decisions and choices were made years ago, that caused so much pain and suffering, that it changed Scarlett’s heart into vessel for revenge.
Scarlett is a masterpiece of a character and I loved her HARD!!!! RK Lilley captured brilliantly in Scarlett, what a broken heart can do to a person when that person doesn’t break. Scarlett didn’t break when her years of love and devotion with Dante ended. Scarlett transformed into the most beautiful weapon of mass destruction where Dante is concerned.
I loved everything about her. Her hate. Her thirst for his blood. Her vengeance. Her self-preservations. Her brokenness. I want to change my name to Scarlett because I loved her that much.
Dante, oh Dante. I have no idea the extent of what he did to Scarlett yet, but as much as I wanted to despise him as much as Scarlett did, I never could do it. His love for her slaps you in your face and even though she fights to always hurt him, he takes it.
Whatever it is that he did, he’s paid his dues with pain of losing her.
I’m sure Dante’s evil spawn of satan of a mother had something to do with the demise of their relationship and I’m going to start a Word file to record all of my fantasies of how I would want to see Dante’s mother killed off.
I cannot wait for the next book, BREAKING HER to come out!!! I wouldn’t say this was huge cliffhanger, but I WANT ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW!! So it does leave you wanting MORE!!! AND I WANT MORE OF DANTE AND SCARLETT!!!!
Blues Book Reviews gives

Monday, October 19, 2015

Blue's Book Reviews SUSTAINED by EMMA CHASE

I can't remember ever staying up till 3am to finish a book!!! I could not put SUSTAINED down!!!!!
“And she screams. A horrible, piercing wail that I’ll never forget as long as I live. Pain so bare, so raw, that thoughts aren’t even possible – just an endless flow of agonized sobs. Her knees give out, and I catch her.”
Sustained is classic Emma Chase, you get the sarcasm and great writing flow. This one though, wasn't so much laugh out loud as much as the much as her other books but still supplying the absolutely fantastic witty banter.
The characters, you just fall hard in love with each and every one of them. There are 6 orphaned children and their 26yr old aunt who is now their sole guardian and is trying to manage mourning kids along with her own personal mourning. When her brother and beloved sister in law were killed in a car accident, she had to leave college in CA and go to the kids in DC. She gave up everything for them, and she loves those children so beautifully, that you feel it strongly through Emma’s brilliant writing.
Then there’s Jake, ohemgee, Jake. I freaking love him!! I have tears in my eyes just thinking about him. Just wow. This is probably one of the best, if not the best book she's written to date, and that is not an easy thing for me to say when it comes to anything Emma Chase has written!!
The hot sex doesn't kick up until around 50%, but the incredible dialogue and everything else with this homerun, field goal, touchdown, hole in one and swoosh of a storyline, it didn't even need the sex scenes to be amazing!! Even though I do love me some smoking hot sex scenes and she never disappoints in this category, Emma Chase did not disappoint in the bumpin’ ugly scenes (ifyaknowwhatimean)!!!
Blues Book Reviews gives SUSTAINED by Emma Chase

Blue's Book Reviews A LOVER'S LAMENT by KL Grayson and BT Urruela

Blue’s Book Reviews
A LOVER’S LAMENT by KL Grayson and BT Urruela
“Maybe we are all monsters, created by war like some lab experiment gone wrong.”
“It’s like all this death and destruction, losing buddies, and the kids growing up without me, I’ve lost my sense of feeling. I don’t hurt. I don’t ache for home. I just exist. I don’t feel like I have control anymore. But I need this.”
“The nights out here when I’m hurting so badly I’d rather die than bear the pain.”
I could go on and on with exceptional quote after exceptional quote that I’ve saved from this book. So many lines and paragraphs flow like poetry and pierced my heart on so many levels.
This finding each other again love story through brokenness and heartbreak, consumed my thoughts and heart. I found myself rambling about it to my husband, raving over the writing and knowledge that one of the authors lived and survived war himself. That he was able to articulate and capture the emotions and pain that soldiers feel during their times of deployment and the ugly and silent truth that today may be their last day.
This book is absolutely beautiful to me on the level of Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. I want to climb into this book and protect Sergeant Devin Clay, from anything that could hurt him, just like I did with Archer.
Blue’s Book Reviews gives A LOVER’S LAMENT by KL Grayson and BT Urruela

Blue's Book Reviews PUCKED by Helena Hunting

Blue’s Book Reviews “PUCKED” By Helena Hunting
Where do I even begin? Do I start with the fact that our leading man, Alex, has an anaconda monster porno penis/appendage that our heroine, Violet, ends up dressing up like a super hero, with a cape, French mustache and googly eyes?
Or do I start with how Violet is totally inappropriate and it absolutely my doppleganger? I seriously believe that Violet and I should be very best friends if she isn’t my long lost twin.
Or do I tell about the numerous times that I busted out LAUGHING OUT LOUD in fits of bellowing, snorting, embarrassing heehawing where people were staring at me like I had lost my mind?
Or do I talk about the dozens of highlighted sentences that I saved in my Kindle while reading PUCKED?
I could always talk about all the beaver references. Beaver button. Beaver breaking. Drooly beaver. How Alex’s smile makes the fountain of beave turn on.
And then there’s the “Exit only! It’s Exit only!” scene which is completely poetic to those of us who understand this situation in real life. Poetic and yet, absolutely HILARIOUS!!
I could literally do this all day, tell you readers about every line, every scene, and every single thing that made me laugh out loud. But I’d just be copy and pasting almost the entire book of PUCKED so I’ll end my review with this.
I absolutely EFFING PUCKING FLOVED PUCKED and I can’t recommend it enough for ya’ll to read it too!
FIVE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
by Blue’s Book Reviews

TMI Report Razor Blade Edition

TMI Report Razor Blade Edition

Yesterday I was peeing razorblades. My husband says it is not his fault and that it sounded more like an STD (no it's not an STD by the way). FYI, it's his fault because he forgot the proper entry order protocol.‪#‎beerdickdoesthat‬
My best friends on Facebook, which my husband refers to as my "Imaginary Facebook Friends", told me to buy some stuff called AZO to help with the excruciating pain of peeing.
So I bought the the stuff for the outrageous cost of $13. My Imaginary Facebook Friends failed to warn me of a side effect of this $13 razorblade pee fix.
I'm at work, and the painful feeling of having to pee hits me. I run into baggage claim bathrooms and do my usual squat over the toilet stance. I'm preparing myself for the pain, the tears, my body being covered in goosebumps when my stream starts to hack its way out of me. But there's no pain! I'm so happy that I look down to my poor pee pee and what do I see? RED/ORANGE pee flowing from my body!!!
I'm light headed.
I'm going to pass out.
They will find me on this nasty floor covered in pee and blood and a cracked skull from me hitting the toilet seat. It's a scene right out of one of Aleatha Romig's books!!!
I'm freaking the eff out.
I'm calling 911 in my head.
I wipe and see this red/orange color on the tissue. I think I'm having a panic attack. So, I take a picture of my pee in the toilet just in case I don't make it out of the stall alive and the automatic toilet flushes the evidence down the drain. My husband would want to know why they found his wife dead in a toilet stall so a cell phone picture should explain it to him.
*Snaps picture of my pee in the toilet.
I rush back to the garage and frantically start looking for the box of pills that I took, skimming for anything saying that this is normal, because I am convinced that my bladder is dying and decomposing right there in that garage.
And there it is, in tiny hard to read script saying, "your urine will become reddish/orange in color".
squint emoticon
Now, my Facebook Friends are all high fiving each other and laughing hysterically at me.
Well played Imaginary Facebook Friends. Well played.

TMI Report plus BONUS Things My Husband Says

Things My Husband Says
Episode #5849586649958.
One of my medications is causing my sugar walls to irritate my husband's third leg. He's been complaining of "stinging" afterwards. I believe it's the late dose of a medication I'm taking that's causing this. He complained about it again last night after we bumped uglies.
So tonight he's poking me with his third leg and obviously he's forgotten about our 48hr rule which in Section 3 Article 9 states that no sex will be performed until 48hrs after the last sexcapades so that said wife (me) can have appropriate recovery time from hip dislocations and internal bruising. True story. This is a real rule we have.
Him poking me: I need you to help put me to sleep.
Me: It hasn't been 48hrs. You know the rules. Plus you're complaining about my medication stinging you.
Him: You talk too much. Here I've got something to put in your mouth.
Me: The medication will probably burn you from my mouth too.
Him: It's a risk I'm willing to take.
Me: No. You'll take too long and make my TMJ flair up.
Him: If you do it right it won't take long.
Me: Oh, I'm doing it wrong then huh?
Him: There's always room for improvement so you should be practicing more.
Me: I made you cry last time so I think there is nothing left to improve on!
Him: I don't remember doing that. I must have blacked out. It doesn't count if I blacked out.
Me: o_O

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

My dear friend from AHS  Class of 88, recently finished listening to Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy audio book and told me that I had to listen to it.  She even offered to buy it for me.
I told her that I had a credit that I could use to get it and to save her money.  I love her for even offering to get me the book though!!!  Xoxoxo
Anyway, WOW.  This book.  I'm not finished listening it yet but I LOVE it!!!
#1.  I'm not sure if Jenny Lawson is me or if I'm Jenny Lawson.  Which means that I too have mental illness which would explain a lot.
#2.  She talks like I do but add the strong Texas accent for me.  She speaks with a singsong way like I do.  I've been told by a coworker once, "Do you realize that you sing with you speak?"  Uh, no.  But thanks for pointing that Mr. Harry Hypersweater.  So now, while I write this or anything else I write, I hear Jenny Lawson's voice, or my voice, I can't tell anymore because I now think we are the same person.
#4.  What she says about suffering with mental illness, is brilliant and raw.  I needed to hear this because after living with at least one mentally ill person in our home (since now I'm certain I'm also mentally ill but somehow I've managed to function without needing alcohol or meds, but I'm sure Bryan would have been much happier if I had been taking lots of meds and lots of alcohol but I have recently been diagnosed with ADD but I don't take my Adderal like I should take it and this runalong sentence is proof of that.  And that I must be running a fever.
Bryan says, "He loves me, but I'm hard to live with." 
I'm sure my husband and Victor, Jenny's husband, would have lots to talk about about regarding their hard to live with wives.
#4.  Jenny Lawson spent an entire chapter talking about how assholey people are at airports. 
It. Was. Brilliant.
Someone other than me and my coworkers, acknowledging what we know all too well, that travelers are absolutely evil assholes and they need to be hit with a pinata stick.  Hard. 
But I personally would prefer to stab them in the neck with my pen while asking them if Jesus is their Lord and Savior because they are about to meet Him whether they believe in Him or not.