Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friends with a Murder

Friends with a Murderer

Pay no mind to the fat girl in the middle.  That's another story all on its own.

The blonde on the left is Deedra Grubbs and her husband's name is Bobbie.  They attended my church and small bible study group that was held in our Associate Pastor's home each week.

I hit it off with Deedra right away because of her dry southern sense of humor.  We started spending more and more time together.  I fell in love with their 2 young daughters, and even threw a little birthday party for their turning 5yr old because they didn't have any money to do anything for her.  So I bought her a birthday cake, some princess dress up clothes and a doll.  Her little face was priceless when she saw that it was all for her.

I helped Bobbie get a job at the warehouse that I worked at.  Soon after, there was a break in where the computer, cash and tools were stolen. 

No one ever suspected Bobbie and Deedra.  Not until years later.  Then it all made sense. 

But the Monday after the weekend break in, I remember Bobbie stomping around acting all mad about it as it if were his things that were stolen.  Him finding where "they got in at", offering to weld up the area to make sure it never happens again, blah blah blah. 

Again, at no time did anyone suspect him and Deedra at all.

But after it happened, Deedra wouldn't let me in her home when I went to check on her, probably because of the new computer they had obtained, which was my work computer.

Soon after that, Deedra just snapped, said that "her rainbow didn't include my color" and "I just wanted her for her money".

None of it made sense.  It was literally mind boggling.  But speaking to other people in the church, it was believed that they were getting involved in drugs again and were doing and saying strange things to them too.

So they disappeared from our lives.

Then one day a few years ago, they were all over the news.  A manhunt was underway for them, there was live coverage, their pictures were everywhere.

They severely beat a woman that Deedra was cleaning a house for and robbed her.  They shot 3 people and one cleaning lady at a motel was killed.

They are both serving life sentences for Capital Murder.

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