Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letters Written in White by Kathryn Perez

Blue's Book Reviews "LETTERS WRITTEN IN WHITE" by Kathryn Perez

No words.
Absolutely haunting.
Terrifyingly true. 

How do I even explain the emotions that this book brought out of me?  
I can't even put my thoughts into coherent words.  
The writing in this book sliced straight through my soul with a scythe.   It cut me into pieces.  
Because I KNOW this book.  I lived it once upon a time at the ripe old age of 18.

I too have suffered through debilitating depression.  I too had once decided to end the excruciating pain and suffering that was swallowing me up by choosing the black quietness of death over the unrelenting pain of waking up every day.   I too have written my story.   And maybe one day, I too will be brave enough to share it.

I've highlighted over 50% of this book so how do I even begin to pick what to share here?  

"Suicide doesn't happen all at once.  It starts small.  Those early seductive whispers of nagging self talk, worthlessness, self-hate, fear, or sadness curl into your ears subtly at first.  Eventrually it mutates into a relentless roar.  You really don't see death coming until suddenly, in one deeply dark moment, you're face to face with it.  Then, being worn down, exhausted from swimming in an ocean of despair, you drop at Death's feet and surrender.  Like a sander, it wears you down until there's nothing left to fight it off.  Soon your once strong oak exterior is worn down into a meager pile of sawdust.  I wish my husband knew how many times he's held the dust of me in the palms of his hands, slipping through his fingers."

Letters Written in White by Kathryn Perez is like nothing I've ever read before, but its also so very familiar for very person reasons.   
It will haunt you.
It will hurt.
It will give you not just a glimpse, but an IMAX view of depression.  
Everyone should read this book.  EVERYONE.
Whether you've suffered from depression, attempted suicide, or if you love someone who is suffering or had been successful at ending their life, this book brilliantly allows you to see and feel the hopelessness, the pain to keep living, the lullaby of lies that Death will sing so beautifully into your ears.  

Letters Written in White brings you understanding.  It does not sugar coat anything where depression and suicide are concerned.  
It is real.
It is raw.
It is a MUST READ.

Blue's Book Reviews gives LETTERS WRITTEN IN WHITE by Kathryn Perez

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