Monday, October 19, 2015

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

My dear friend from AHS  Class of 88, recently finished listening to Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy audio book and told me that I had to listen to it.  She even offered to buy it for me.
I told her that I had a credit that I could use to get it and to save her money.  I love her for even offering to get me the book though!!!  Xoxoxo
Anyway, WOW.  This book.  I'm not finished listening it yet but I LOVE it!!!
#1.  I'm not sure if Jenny Lawson is me or if I'm Jenny Lawson.  Which means that I too have mental illness which would explain a lot.
#2.  She talks like I do but add the strong Texas accent for me.  She speaks with a singsong way like I do.  I've been told by a coworker once, "Do you realize that you sing with you speak?"  Uh, no.  But thanks for pointing that Mr. Harry Hypersweater.  So now, while I write this or anything else I write, I hear Jenny Lawson's voice, or my voice, I can't tell anymore because I now think we are the same person.
#4.  What she says about suffering with mental illness, is brilliant and raw.  I needed to hear this because after living with at least one mentally ill person in our home (since now I'm certain I'm also mentally ill but somehow I've managed to function without needing alcohol or meds, but I'm sure Bryan would have been much happier if I had been taking lots of meds and lots of alcohol but I have recently been diagnosed with ADD but I don't take my Adderal like I should take it and this runalong sentence is proof of that.  And that I must be running a fever.
Bryan says, "He loves me, but I'm hard to live with." 
I'm sure my husband and Victor, Jenny's husband, would have lots to talk about about regarding their hard to live with wives.
#4.  Jenny Lawson spent an entire chapter talking about how assholey people are at airports. 
It. Was. Brilliant.
Someone other than me and my coworkers, acknowledging what we know all too well, that travelers are absolutely evil assholes and they need to be hit with a pinata stick.  Hard. 
But I personally would prefer to stab them in the neck with my pen while asking them if Jesus is their Lord and Savior because they are about to meet Him whether they believe in Him or not.

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