Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blue's Book Reviews PRIEST by Sierra Simone

Blue’s Book Reviews
PRIEST by Sierra Simone
I have to be completely honest here, I was terrified to read this book.  I mean, I’m a Born Again Christian that cusses a little and reads smutty romance books.  So there are some boundaries that I do have and any Christian should have some set boundaries that they will not cross.  But after seeing post after post after post about Priest, my curiosity got the best of me.  If things got really weird, I’d just stop reading it and move on to my next book.
But ohhhhhh boy.  Things definitely got something, but “weird” wasn’t ever the word that came to mind!!! 
Sierra Simone did a phenomenal job with this book and when I tell you that you better invest in some SHAMWOW PANTIES, THEN GET YOUR BUTT ON EBAY AND BUY SOME SHAMWOW PANTIES, or just wear an overnight pad while reading Priest because DAAAAYYYYUUUUMMMM. 
You know, even the best God loving couples should have a great and freaky sex life, and I felt that this book really had a great balance of hot sex, the internal struggle within a Christian to do the right things, love God and to know just how far to let our urges take us. 
“Both of us just stared down at it, this impossible sight:  me inside of her, a priest tasting the forbidden fruit and barely able to keep himself from eating it all.”
Priest is brilliantly written and as afraid as I was to read it, I’m now afraid for all of you who won’t read it for the same reasons I almost didn’t.  If you are on the fence with this one, then it’s not for me to tell you where to push your spiritual boundaries to.  But if you already read these types of books, then you will not be disappointed with Priest!!!
Here are my suggestions if you do decide to take the leap as I did;
#1.  Be wearing Sham-wow panties or overnight super heavy flow pads while reading.
#2.  Have your husband, boyfriend or BOB very handy while reading.
#3.  Confess that you read Priest by Sierra Simone to all your back door reading friends because if you’re like me, you keep your reading life hidden from your real life so that none of your church family shows up at your house crying and praying for your soul.  But seriously, you’ll want to tell your secret reading friends about this book, and you’ll want to do it often!!!
Blues Book Reviews gives PRIEST by Sierra Simone 

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