Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my journey with, “The Girl in 6E” by Alessandra Torre

Wow! Webcams? Whore. Whoa. WTF? Wait. Warning! Weapons! Wincing. WTH? Whackos! WTF? Wilting. Wrecked. Whoopee! Win!

THE GIRL IN 6E by Alessandra Torre took my virginity by being my first book by her, and it will not be my last because I’m coming back for more!! What rock have I been living under all this time?? Where were my so called friends that obviously did not beat me in the head for not reading her books before now? I’m unfriending all of you who have read her books but did not slap me because I hadn’t read any of her stories yet. I’m not kidding.

Obviously I have no “real” friends anymore because any true friend of mine would have been screaming at me about Alessandra Torre books!!! Shut up. Ya’ll are dead to me now. Bye Felicia!

Torre’s writing style, her impeccable research was fascinating to me! I felt like I was not only being greatly pulled into this story but also getting an education and a few semesters in Sex Fetishes 101. I absolutely LOVED that about this book!! My heart was racing so much that I entered in my reading hours on My Fitness Pal as my cardio workout and their calculations say I should have lost 7 pounds from the hours of cardio I entered.

I don’t like to retell a book in my reviews but I want this to get your attention so I’m going to give you some tastes of this book, just a taste mind you. Never a mouthful because I want you to experience that for yourself.

Young woman locks herself up in a crappy apartment for years. Tons of hot and strange video chat sex. Craving blood. Sharp knives. Lots of Amazon Prime being delivered by a hot UPS guy. A kidnapping. Lots of blood. Victory.

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