Monday, November 2, 2015

Commodity by Shay Savage


Commodity was so unexpected.  I had no idea what was awaiting me with this book.  My heart raced and I was on edge.

Hannah is traveling with Falk, a body guard she's never met before.   They are on their way from Atlanta to Washington to testify against a powerful business owner and politician who was running a sexual trafficking ring.

Imagine going about your day and then explosions, buildings falling, but somehow you survive it while running into a train tunnel.  When you emerge, all the men in the streets seem to be dead and there are no women, children, livestock or pets anywhere.  Gone.  They are all gone.
There are survivors, like Hannah and Falk.
And those few survivors all seem to be all men.
The women who did manage to survive, are now a very valuable commodity in this new world and forced into sexual slavery if they are caught.

Falk's mission is to protect Hannah at all costs.
He's vowed to keep her safe.
Then, she's gone.
They took her.
Falk is mortally wounded and can't save her.
He spends months tracking and searching for her.
Never giving up.

Commodity was a roller coaster of a ride so buckle up and prepare for some sleepless nights.

I highly recommend adding Commodity to your library.  I also recommend watching Skillet's "I'm Not Gonna Die Tonight" videos on YouTube to go along with this book.
Not Gonna Die by Skillet
Not Gonna Die by Skillet with Lyrics

"In a world where everything was accessible with a few clicks on a smart phone, I had nothing.  In a world of chaos where we have to fight for our very existence, I have everything.  I feel fine.  I feel needed.  I am whole again."

Blue's Book Reviews gives Commodity by Shay Savage
5 Stomach Dipping Heart Racing Stars!!

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  1. I just finished Commodity and must say I couldn't stop reading until I finished. Shay is one very talented writer and knows the right buttons to push to keep you reading. This story is compelling, exciting, frightening and, well just read it, you will agree.